Welcome to my workshop!

Although I take my inspiration largely from the Old Masters, my approach is to try to get an understanding of their aims, intentions, reasons for doing things in a certain way, then evaluate and, in applying my own work ethics and time-honed working methods, create an original instrument. Uncompromising standards of craftsmanship, a strict code of work ethics and keeping an open and inquisitive mind were some of the attributes of the Heiligenberg School Of Making where I served a 4-year apprenticeship, and I try to uphold these principles

photographs are examples of my work and models might change without prior notice.


My love affair with the banjo began when I was introduced to early english banjo music.
This music, from the late victorian/edwardian era consists of romantic pieces, marches,
light classical pieces etc., composed especially for the banjo, reflecting the musical
taste of the time, it is known as classical banjo music.
Being a keen banjo player myself I started to make banjos in 1988.

My banjos are inspired by the makers from the golden era, both american and english.

There are two models available.

The necks on both instruments are reinforced.

Both banjos deliver a warm, mellow, sonorous tone.

For this I use the finest figured sycamore or birdseye maple, offset against american walnut.

The companion

This is a plain and simple instrument made from a variety of woods, such as:
Ash, beech, cherry, oak or maple.